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Widdershins Ceilidh Band


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wpcd0c80a0_0f.jpg Strip the Willow Danby Style (Caller earns crust)

The CD

Jack B. Nimble of the much respected, internationally acclaimed Green Man Review said of this album

"If you like English dance music, you'll love this CD!"

And we paid him not a cent. - Thanks Jack



Sunrise Over Danby Rigg,

Paul Barton

As you will no doubt read on the back of the CD you are about to, or have recently bought:

"The selection on this album is a mix and match of the music Widdershins has been playing for concerts and dances in and around the North East of England for a number of years.

It contains music from the Celtic tradition, some contemporary tunes composed by the band members or friends of the band.

Most importantly it is the music we enjoy playing and that we hope you will enjoy listening to."

There is just one sure way of hearing all 11 tracks in full and beautifully reproduced .....

The album was recorded at the studio of Charles O'Connor in Whitby.

As a member of the popular and influential Irish folk rock band Horslips, Charles developed his excellent musicianship, his studio skills and his outrageous sense of humour making him the ideal man for the job.

Charles was partnered by sound engineer Paul Whittaker himself a talented performer, teacher and session guitarist. Paul heard things we hoped he would miss and some we never even knew were there.

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