Celtic Music Festivals

Celtic music has a particular charm that manages to make it one of the most durable folk music types in the whole world. It covers a very wide range of styles that are specific to a certain region or time frame. But one thing is for sure, this genre of music is inspired by the ancient times of the druids when magic and mystery were all over the place. Each song has something mythical to it and this is one of the main reasons why it is still so popular. The best occasion in which you can enjoy it is during a festival. Here you can see some of the best bands that present their hard work and creativity as well as enjoy the music with fellow lovers. We listed some of these festivals in order to help you better enjoy this particular type of music.


This is an event that is actually happening all over Europe throughout the year. Here you will see some of the best Celtic music bands from every region showing off their music skills. What is special about this festival is that it also brings Celtic artists, costumes, food and drink in order to better enhance the atmosphere and to make the overall experience truly unforgettable. It also brings some less known local bands to perform in order to boost their popularity and to form a more durable relationship and bonds in local community.

Glasgow St. Patrick’s Festival

A festival that happens in Scotland and it is one of the most fun events because it mixes a Celtic music theme with all the St. Patrick’s traditions. Here you will get to hear the best music, drink the best beer while enjoying the old citadel feeling of Glasgow. The place is truly amazing and perfectly suitable for a Celtic music festival.


This one happens every year in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. The place is well-known for the mysterious charm and rich history. This festival gathers the best Celtic music performers from Scotland and it also displays many simulated battles, traditional costumes, food and drink. There are many fun activities that you can do here in order to enrich your Celtic experience.

Ceol Cholosa

Another great festival that is happening for four days in Scotland. It has one of the most impressive artist line-ups in the world and the place is brilliant. It happens near the water and this makes the overall Celtic and folk experience even better. It is definitely a festival worth going to.

National Celtic

This one happens in the sunny country of Australia, not where you may have imagined a Celtic festival but a popular spot non the less. The people here have a deep connection with Celtic music and culture and each year many gather to enjoy the culture and sounds of Celtic music. It happens in the state of Victoria and it has an amazing list of performers’ activities for you and your family to enjoy.