Lucky Me – Scotland’s New Biggest Label

It’s safe to say that Celtic music and traditional Scottish sounds may be at least a little niche in today’s modern musical climate. With a sound that is only nostalgic to a much older generation, with a tartan aesthetic and instruments that are far from the contemporary digital tools used by today’s biggest selling producers, some may think that Scotland is behind the times when it comes to what is popular. This however couldn’t be further from the truth. Though the rural and culturally reminiscent crowd are keen to keep this alive a Scottish collective of musicians are breaking into today’s culture in a big way.

Lucky Me is a music label formed in 2007 by 4 friends including musicians Mike Slott and Ross Birchard; better known as his stage name Hudson Mohawke. HudMo as he is often called is a producer who has quickly been working his way up the music industry on his own. With a notable style of grabbing punchy beats and highly polished sonic sounds, he released several tracks that got the internet interested as well as the clubs he regularly appeared at. With songs like Thunder Bay a constant ripple of low end synth horns syncopated with snares and pitched up vocals, his memorable sounds become addictive quickly. Collaborating with other artists on the label HudMo has reached incredible heights notably as his side project with Lunice called TNGHT. Their track Higher Ground has been listened to millions of times on seemingly every platform it is available on. As he gained popularity he would soon move on to create the beats for huge artists such as A$AP Rocky, Drake and Kanye West. Becoming ever present in the world of hip hop as well as electronics, his sounds seemed to pop up everywhere such as in Apple adverts and video games like Sleeping Dogs and Watchdogs 2, which he produced and entire album for.

The brand is not just as a music outlet but as an art collective too. Their mix of digitalism with art is something that gives not just their album artwork a particular feel but allows their installations and audio to blend seamlessly. Using augmented reality for installations in London Edinburgh and in the US, Lucky Me is plugged in to visuals as much as sounds.

As they add more artists to the label from both Scotland and further afield this group has amassed a huge number of fans. Fellow young Scotsman Rustie made waves when he released his debut album Glass Swords which instantly became licensed for several adverts thanks to its catchy and powerful sounds very similar to that of Hudson Mohawke. Expanding their sound with artists like NAKED who make distorted dark and glitchy sounds (once again working very well with their look) as well as acts like Littlebabyangel who have an R&B edge, the label is quickly casting its net wider. Adding artists like Baauer who was responsible for the multinational internet phenomenon the Harlem Shake, shows that even though their roots may be in small venues down a Scottish back alley, Lucky Me are clearly on point when it comes to providing the globe with a fresh look and new music.