Celtic Music in Pop Music

Celtic music found in pop music is referred to as Celtic pop and has the same sort of melodies you would find in pop music. Irish folk music started to make a comeback in the 1970s and as a result by the 1980s it had started to develop into a type of pop music. Modern Celtic pop music tries to also incorporate synthesizers along with the usual acoustic instruments. Today many people find the so called Celtic fusion of music to be very appealing, and easy to listen to. It is often perceived as relaxing music yet still has a somewhat haunting quality to it.


A familiar and rather famous Celtic pop music artist is Enya who has had several successful songs and albums. Her albums Watermark and Dark Sky Island did very well, and she has actually become the best-selling solo artist from Ireland of all time. Sinead O’Connor is another Celtic pop music artist who is from Dublin, Ireland. She has sung Celtic songs but also has introduced aspects of reggae into her music to produce a more unique sound. Another Irish singer who sings Celtic pop songs is Eleanor McEvoy. She also has made several music albums.

The Irish band, the Corrs are known for combining Celtic music with pop music. Their singles and albums have been very successful with some even reaching platinum status in some countries due to the large number that have been sold. The band is from Dundalk Ireland and have been together since 1990. Clannad is another music band who like the Corrs, have successfully blended and fused Celtic music with the sounds of pop music. This Irish band was formed in Donegal Ireland in 1970 and were active until 2010. By the 1980s they were blending pop music into their music which made them more successful over time.

Sir James Galway is an Irish singer from Belfast who was able to blend traditional Celtic sounds with other genres of music, including pop music. He is also very well known for his flute playing ability. Although a person may expect it, Celtic pop is not limited to Irish singers. For example, the French singer and songwriter known for Celtic pop is Nolwenn Le Magueresse. Nolwenn has written and performed songs that show a strong Celtic influence.

Sarah Masen

Sarah Masen from Michigan in the United States also combines Celtic music and Pop music in her songs. Sarah is a very talented musician, being able to play several musical instruments in addition to being a singer and songwriter. She has been active since 1995 and is still active today in Nashville Tennessee where she now lives.

The influence of Celtic music is evident in many genres of music including reggae, rock, hip-hop, new age music as well as pop music. This so-called Celtic fusion has had a major impact on the music world. The appealing and tranquil, melodic sounds of Celtic music combined with pop music has become popular with many people choosing to buy albums and singles of Celtic pop singers.