The Best Celtic Movies Of All Time

Come on board as we bring you some of the best Celtic movies of all time. As a movie lover, I have scrapped the internet to get this list. I firmly believe that if you have seen some of the movies here, you will agree with me that this list is dope. Let’s get down to business….

The first on my list is Secret Of Kells

This is a story of a young man in a remote medieval’ station under attack from brute strikes is enticed to the enterprise when a praised ace illuminator touches base with an old book, overflowing with mystery knowledge and forces.

The second is Song of the Sea

Ben is a young Irish chap, and his younger sibling Saoirse, a young lady who can transform into a seal, go on an excellent adventure to free the pixies and spare the world of the spirit.

Next is Ondine

An Irish angler finds a lady in his angling net whom his intelligent/ brilliant little girl accepts to be a selkie.

Next is The Secret of Roan Inish

Small Fiona lives together with her grandparents in a little angling town where she takes a dynamic part to disentangle the puzzling privileged insights.

We have The Warrior Queen

The Warrior Queen in Britain, Boudica leads her clan into disobedience to the Roman Empire and the distraught Emperor of Rome Nero. Check out the rest amazing movies.

A Shine of Rainbows

A desolate vagrant’s life is changed by a phenomenal lady who shows him to overcome sorrow and find the enchantment in nature and himself.


Resolved to make her particular way path in life, Princess Merida resists a custom that conveys chaos to her kingdom. Allowed one wish, Merida must depend on her courage and her bows and arrows abilities to fix a savage revile.

The Wicker Man

A renowned police sergeant was sent to a Scottish island town looking for a missing young lady that the townsfolk assert never happened. More bizarre still are the ceremonies that occur there.

The Water Horse

A forlorn kid finds a baffling egg that brings forth a sea animal of Scottish legend.

The Magical Legend of Leprechauns

American specialist Jack Woods leases a house on the charmed Emerald Isle which is possessed by a group of leprechauns. Leprechaun Seamus Muldoon’s child and child’s friend crash the boat. This movie is truly inspiring.

Finian’s Rainbow

An Irish outsider/immigrant and his little girl move into a town in the American South with an enchanted bit of gold that will change individuals’ lives, including a battling rancher and African American natives debilitated by an intolerant government official.

High Spirits

At the point when a hotelier endeavors to fill the unending opening at his château by propelling a publicizing effort that dishonestly depicts the property as spooky, two genuine apparitions show up and wind up succumbing to two visitors.

The Seventh Stream

A desolate widowed Irish angler meets a genuinely secretive lady who may just actually be the stuff of the legends.