Music and Pop Culture in the UK

Music in the UK has had a profound impact on the rest of the world. One simply has to think of the Beatles to realize this, and more recently the Spice Girls and One Direction. Many different music genres have developed or been adopted by singers and bands in the UK. British music was strongly influenced by music coming out of America, such as swing, be-bop, and rock-and-roll. It did not take long though for UKs singers to develop and modify these trends. For example, a group of musicians in the UK created a form of British Jazz that came to be known as Acid Jazz.

UK musicians added their own bit of ingenuity and creativity to the different music genres making for some fantastic and highly successful singers and bands. Some internationally successful singers included the late David Bowie who amassed almost a cult following, today the singer Adele has a huge following with her albums having reached platinum status. Today the band U2 is still extremely successful and popular worldwide.The rock band Coldplay is another group that is very successful and has quite a different sound when compared with American rock bands. Coldplay is one of the most successful bands of the 2000s. Another UK rock band that is successful is of course the boy band One Direction, although they are not yet on the level of success as U2 or Coldplay.

Entertainment also includes movies and television shows. The BBC is the main news seen on TV and is still popular. Aside from this some creative, imaginative, fantasy movies such as Harry Potter (based on the hugely successful books) have made a massive impact on the world in terms of commercial success and popularity. The X-factor singing competition and Simon Cowell have become worldwide phenomena. The British “rudeness” is also seen with Chef. Gordon Ramsey who is in such TV shows as Hell’s Kitchen. This is a very popular show in the UK and in America.

The British also have a unique sense of humor that is quite different from America. Such classic TV series as Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous and of course the Monty Python movies bear testament to this.

Modern day popular culture in the UK largely revolves around the media since so many people are now tuned into the internet and their smart phones. In the past, British culture was known for having many tabloid magazines and newspapers aside from the serious BBC news and radio. These have now been moved into digital format as well and are still popular. In the UK, the British Royal Family has always been a big part of the culture and still is popular today with many closely following the news about the individual members of the royal family.

While people may expect American pop culture to permeate much of the world you would not expect it from a small island, however the UK certainly does impact the world with much of their pop culture spreading far and wide.