Where to Hear Ceilidh Music in the UK

Ceilidh music is a beautiful and traditional type of Gaelic music with roots in both Scottish and Irish history. It was originally a way to refer to any kind of social gathering, it then over time became known as an event where traditional music was played and Irish or Scottish dances were performed as well. Many today still love to listen to this kind of music as it brings back memories of a simpler time. It many rural areas of both Ireland and Scotland you can see ceilidhs still being held as well. Where people both young and old can get together to listen to their traditional songs, sing along, dance the old style of dancing and overall have a great time in each other’s company. It is a great tradition that will hopefully pass on for generations and generations to come. There are many places all throughout the United Kingdom, not just Ireland and Scotland where you can hear a traditional ceilidh band play and you can even dance a long if you would like to. Here are a few of the best places to check out if you would like to hear the music.

The Ceilidh Club

The Ceilidh Club is located in London and brings a taste of the Scottish and Irish cultures to the heart of the city. They play the traditional music and have dances as well. You do not need to know how to dance to go, they will show you all the moves so that you can dance along, or if you prefer of course you can just watch and enjoy. They have a self-proclaimed well stocked and well-priced bar as well, so if you are feeling nervous perhaps that will help. They do sell out quickly so if you want to go make sure you book tickets ahead of time


This pub, located in Inverness, Scotland is an award-winning location for having the best of Scottish music. They host local and somewhat distant bands and play all the traditional ceilidh music. They have regular events to keep it entertaining, such as dance lessons, group events and so much more! They have a small restaurant and of course a bar so regardless of what time of day you arrive you will find all that you need to sit back and enjoy the music or get up and dance along with them!


This restaurant and bar is located in Kilfenora, Co. Clare and is a gorgeous location. It has a beautiful restaurant and bar. However, it is on Sundays when this place really comes to alive. Every Sunday they have traditional ceilidh music playing and dancing for everyone to enjoy. Out in the barn you will hear the traditional music being played by a live band and people of all ages and of all levels dancing along to the music.There are so many places throughout the United Kingdom where you can enjoy this traditional music, these are just a few of the best.