Famous Celtic Musicians

There are plenty Celtic artists in the world right now, but there are Celtic artists that are topping the charts consistently and making good music for the soul. If you are a fan of Celtic music, you will understand the powers of good music; this is why we have made this list, to bring you the best Celtic artists and bands that currently form the style proud. Celtic music is broad genre inspired by the popular folk traditions from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and many other Celtic countries. A wide variety of artists and bands fall under this category: from the traditional groups upholding the background of the folk genre to crazy punk bands motivated by the old rhythm and sounds of the style.

The Celtic music world has witnessed the rise of so many great bands, and artists, the Pogues, and Gaelic storm are some of the acts that are arguably the top Celtic music bands of all time. However, the genre continues to witness more talented music bands that have reason to become fans favorite. An example is he favorite Irish music bands The Dubliners and The Chieftains which have been voted the best acts severally by much online polling systems. There have been countless lists on some of the best musicians in this genre, some of these lists depends on the number of the artist’s successful records, their popularity, and contribution to the genre. Sometimes these votes are decided by fans and Celtic music lovers across the globe.

But it is difficult to call out the best Celtic music bands of all time or even to name the greatest Celtic musician to grace the face of the earth. We cannot say for sure who is the best,  but we bring you a list of the ten best Celtic music bands and artists that have contributed significantly to the music genre. This list will answer all your questions about Celtic music as some of these acts have been around for a long while and have not slowed down in making good music. You will appreciate this list, whether your just a fan of Celtic music or have an in-depth knowledge of the music genre. And if you are new to the music genre, you can check out some of these bands and be sure to find something you will always cherish.

  1. Gaelic Storm: Celtic Rock, Celtic Music
  2. Lúnasa: Folk Music Of Ireland, Celtic Music
  3. The Pogues: Celtic punk, Celtic fusion, Folk rock
  4. Clannad: New Age music, Rock music, Folk music
  5. The Dubliners: Folk Music Of Ireland, Irish Rebel Music
  6. The Chieftains
  7. Dropkick Murphys: Celtic Rock, Celtic Punk, Folk Rock
  8. Great Big Sea: Celtic rock, Folk rock
  9. Paddy and the Rats
  10. Enter the Haggis: World fusion music, World music

These guys are doing Celtic music genre proud of producing some of the best sounds and always making the fans proud. Celtic music genre may not be as popular as hip-hop or pop, but the style is blessed with some of the best musical talents the world has ever seen