How Popular is Ceilidh Music?

The word Ceilidh descends from the Gaelic word meaning ‘gathering’ or ‘party.’ The great thing about a ceilidh is that everyone can participate and when you think of a ceilidh, you think of a fun evening full of dancing, upbeat music, and great times. Originally, these gatherings were a great way for singles to go out and meet people, however, even though there are so many other options of meeting people today, these events are still very popular. While attending these types of gatherings, you can expect to hear wonderful ceilidh music and enjoy a ton of dancing. The music is described as being very upbeat and, full of rich instruments and it really puts everyone in the best mood. To keep up with music of today, ceilidh music is often mixed with a little pop music to really get everyone moving. So, just how popular is ceilidh music? Well, this music is used in a variety of different ways.

It’s danced to at weddings

Many Scottish and Irish people choose to have this type of music played at their wedding parties. Seeing as to how a ceilidh is a social gathering, what better place to play the music than at a wedding? The dancing at weddings are usually done as a couple’s dance and there are usually numerous sets of couples dancing, facing one another and switching partners. Sometimes the dances are performed in a circle and it isn’t uncommon for the bride and groom to be in the middle of the circle when performed at wedding ceremonies. Don’t be afraid of joining in on the fun if you’re ever attending a wedding of this kind. At first, the dance can be a bit intimidating, but once you look closely at the moves and follow the music, then you will pick it up in no time. If you are thinking of planning a ceilidh for your wedding, don’t worry about some people not being able to do the dance. Just plan it and have your fun. The people that want to join in, will.


The music is heard in films

This type of music is Scottish or Irish music is heard in films all over the world. More often than not, the music is played in movies where there is a ton of dancing going on. However, there have been a few times where the music is being heard while some type of tension or action is taking place. Titanic, one of the biggest films of all time, had a scene that took place at the bottom of the ship where Rose and Jack danced to Irish music of this decent. They enjoyed a ceilidh dance in a circle that was so much fun and nothing like Rose had ever seen. You can see in the film that Rose, played by Kate Winslet, thoroughly enjoyed the dance that she shared with Jack, who is known as Leonardo DiCaprio, in real life. The way that they laughed, danced, and smiled while doing so, really depicts just how impactful ceilidh music can be.

There are clubs dedicated to this type of music

There are many clubs dedicated to ceilidh music all around the world. There’s one in particular, a very popular club in London, The Ceilidh Club, that plays traditional ceilidh music and has people always performing the dances there as well. The great thing about this club is you can show up without any knowledge of the dances, as they will show you all of the moves. This club boasts a great bar, so that you can relax and have a drink while enjoying the great music. The club is home to many locals who can’t get enough of this type of music. The Ceilidh Club is by ticket-entrance only, so if you’re ever in London and want to visit this club, you need to book tickets in advance. There are numerous clubs all over where you can hear traditional ceilidh music, not just in Ireland or Scotland. Check your local area to see if there are any clubs or pubs that play this type of music.

People all over the world, not just of Scottish and Irish descent, really enjoy ceilidh music and it’s very popular. Where I come from, we listen to Ceilidh music all of the time. We listen to it when we are having get togethers, at ceremonies, and pretty much anytime that we want to get moving. I love listening to it when I am relaxing and playing online at or because it helps me to really concentrate on what I’m doing. It’s just all around fun music and no one can listen to it and not smile. Ceilidh music has been around for many years and will remain popular in the U.K for many more years to come.